Tuesday, April 19, 2011

... color!

bee blocks

in the form of blocks made for the april round of do. good stitches. the colors struck me as so springy and eastery, that i just had to photograph them out in the grass (in the sun, no less!) these will be heading out to natalie of greenleaf goods very shortly.


and i just wanted to show you this roll of loveliness that will be the binding on my latest quilt. so much color, so much happiness. i can't get enough.


  1. The colours on those blocks are beautiful! Very "happy" blocks.

  2. such prettiness here today! those blocks are so "happy"!

  3. I love the colors in those blocks. Those colors inspire happiness even on the gloomiest of days. Your binding is awesome as well!

  4. Do you sell your quilts? I am in love...

  5. thank you so much, amy! i am super flattered, but honestly, i am neither fast enough or skilled enough to consider selling my quilts at this point. maybe in a couple of years when i feel more confident with what i can do.