Tuesday, May 24, 2011

... pregnancy, and all that it entails

shower cake

oh my gosh, you guys, being pregnant is so hard! i'm sure it's so much easier raising an infant and then a toddler and then a child and then a teenager... right? (humor me, please.)


but oh, you people who already have kids and lives and other responsibilities and who can blog consistently, i salute you.

wagon plants

my life has been quite full, what with preparing for the arrival of the snowdrop, attending baby showers, going to plant sales, putting together a nursery from scratch, madly trying to accomplish a gazillion house projects, and, you know, cramming in more work/teaching hours than i ever usually do because that seemed sensible when making my schedule several months ago.


also, i have just not been taking many photos. i have no excuse for that. just plain and simple negligence. what is contained herein is a smattering of what i discovered on my camera after downloading the contents the other day.

belly and binding

in happy news, i am thisclose to finishing the march quilt for do. good stitches. i just have an hour or two more of hand-sewing the binding and then it's done! a little late, still, but not as late as my last one.

garden path

and, fortunately, there is still time for simple things like watching our garden blossom in the recent warm weather and eating ice cream and making popsicles and sleeping. precious, precious sleeping.


  1. There are so many seasons in motherhood, each with its own joys and challenges. At times you have to completely forego "me" time, but it will return.
    Beautiful cake and I love your garden!
    When is little snowdrop due?

  2. Pregnancy is hard! This is my third time and I was still taken by surprise how it effects me. I just finished a book about the female brain and it is just amazing what pregnancy and motherhood does to it! Fascinating stuff.

    Looking forward to the final quilt!

  3. Could only do it once!

    That quilt is looking good sister. Are you and your belly coming to guild?

  4. Oh, pregnancy is definitely very hard. I feel for you! I was SO RELIEVED when my second was born - honestly, it was easier having a newborn and a 2-year-old than it was having a 2-year-old and being pregnant!

    The Do Good Stitches quilt is looking good, I can't wait to see it done.

  5. Pregnancy sucks. All those pregnant ladies who are like, "Every single moment I am forging a spiritual bond with my baby" make me want to barf. Also, I don't believe them.

    The first few months of being a parent aren't easy, it's true, BUT at least you can have a glass of wine now and then, and not be tortured by heartburn. And then it gets really fun. (Some people love their children best as newborns, but I admit, I find that a little suspect as well. What can I say, I'm a horrible, horrible judger who judges.)

  6. what a pretty cake, hopefully that makes up a little for all the pregnancy stuff. hope you get done all that's on your to-do list! :) I remember sewing my oldest daughter's crib bumper the night I went into labor - if only I had know I probably would have been packing my hospital bag instead!

  7. that cake is AMAZING!!! so cute. and hang in there with the pregnancy- its true what they say about the end result. so worth it!!!

  8. Your garden is beautiful, Ara Jane. Wow! I so love tulips. don't worry about all this sewing and blogging stuff - baby is WAY more important. Glad you're taking the time you need.

  9. This post made me happy in so many ways! Your little garden, the wagon full of plants, and your quilt! Lovely! :) I'm all about the 'list blogging,' as I call it when you're too busy to write a post about individual projects. My son is 13 months old, so like you, there's a lot going on which keeps me from documenting everything. Just enjoy your pregnancy. :)

  10. ah, you are all so sweet! i feel slightly more encouraged now (though still so very, very tired.)

    katie: yes, i am definitely going to try to make it to the sew-in. i miss you ladies!