Monday, June 27, 2011

... the process


i am being generous here when i say i love the process. because sometimes the process sucks. sometimes it takes several tries to get something right. like this month's bee blocks for do. good stitches. for some reason (many reasons?) i could just not get these to work out properly, despite following lee's terrific tutorial closely. the first two i tried (the bottom two in the above photo) the hexagons came out way too big and there wasn't enough room for the border to make them 12-1/2" square. so for the second two i tried (the top two in the above photo and the two in the photo below) i used a very, very generous 1/4" seam allowance and they came out slightly undersized, but enough that i could finish them off with a white border to size. i don't know if i've just lost my sewing mojo or what, but i'm not usually this off when it comes to seam allowance.

better hexagons

but also, my machine is killing me. it feels like it's pulling the fabric into the bobbin case. either that, or the feed dogs aren't feeding properly, so the fabric keeps getting stuck. ugh. perhaps this was the source of my size issues? i know i need to bring it in for service, and yet i have no time for that right now. what with sitting here waiting around for this dang baby to be born. and having a bunch of sewing projects i want to work on in the mean time.


today, after going for a stroll with my doula, high on a spurt of energy (nesting, perhaps?) i ran some errands to pick up supplies for a couple of small projects and stopped by the quilting loft to peruse the new fabric. since it had been a while since i bought anything new, i picked up these lovelies. i suppose the joel dewberry herringbone and aviary print aren't new, but the lizzie house pearl bracelet print that was my favorite from red letter day is also out in new colors as part of the 1001 peeps line. and since i don't have much (any) purple in my stash, i thought this might be a print i would actually sew with.

yay for pretty new things to look at. cross your fingers for me that in the next few days i have a pretty new baby to look at, too!


  1. Best wishes on your upcoming arrival! Your blocks are beautiful! I have vowed to stay away from hexagons no matter how amazing I think they look. I was inspired by all of the tutorials online to have a go at machine piecing hexagons. I cut out enough hexagons to make a twin sized quilt and after much frustration and little success I ended up recutting all of the hexagons into rectangles. I love these blocks though and maybe one day I will have the courage to try hexagons again.

  2. I'm gonna tell that dang baby that you called him/her a dang baby!

  3. I'm also waiting for a baby to make itself known, so I know exactly how you feel. :) Here's to laboring soon! Best of luck.

  4. aw, thanks!

    kat: best of luck to you, too! this waiting is hard, no?

  5. Well, I had a bit of trouble too. Don't feel bad! I'm definitely not blaming Lee's tutorial (she's a smart one), but it was tricky for me =)

  6. Baby time? How did that happen so fast? Good luck, i hope you get through the coming days!