Friday, July 1, 2011

... the snowdrop's nursery

nursery door

one of the good things about waiting around for a baby to be born is that you can keep working on the nursery. it's not like this room has to be 100% perfect for her arrival. i mean, what does the baby care, right? all she needs is a place to sleep, some diapers, some food (supplied by me), and she's all set.

north wall

so the need to have a lovely and complete nursery is really more for us parents. it gives us something to focus on to make this weird abstract concept of bringing a new life into the world a reality.


things aren't completely finished in here. we're still waiting on some artwork to be framed, which will liven up the walls a bit. and i'm still working on a quilt, which i'm ashamed to say i still haven't basted (because, honestly, the thought of basting a quilt right now is so not appealing). but i love it in here. this really is the best room in our house, especially with the warm summer evening light coming in and the trees in full leaf right outside the windows.

storage bins

this week i made some more little fabric boxes (which i've made previously for scrap baskets), using and slightly modifying the sometimes crafter's excellent tutorial.

diaper station

toy bin

i used a couple for diapering supplies, and one to store some little toys and rattles that have been lying around.

sheep mobile

i am in love with this sheep mobile that is hanging over the changing station/dresser.

hedgehog clock

and equally in love with this hedgehog clock by the door.

rocking chair corner

but my favorite spot is the rocking chair in the corner with the pillow i made a few months back. i like to just sit here and relax and think forward a few weeks to when we will have an actual baby in here.

soon. very soon.


  1. is this first baby? oooh pretty room! Congrats by the way! : )

  2. love the room. my daughter had a blue nursery too--i find that color so soothing. beautiful job!

  3. Beautiful! I love it all--and you'll be glad that you love it so considering the number of hours you'll probably spend in the rocking chair. :). My kiddos' rooms are my favorite places in my house.

    All the best as you get ready to meet your babe!

  4. Just gorgeous hat sun light is awesome.

  5. That sunlight....damn autocorrect!

  6. So pretty and perfect! Can't what until the new tenant moves in...

  7. What a lovely room! Perfect for welcoming a lovely new baby :)

  8. Such a lovely nursery! It looks perfect.

  9. It's so stunning, Ara Jane! So much to love, but that rug really stands out to me. What gorgeous color. Glad to see the cloth diapers. We loved cloth in our house - saves so much money! You are definitely, darn, mighty-fine-and-dandy ready. Come on, baby!

  10. Such a pretty room--I love the colors & the pretty diapers!! I remember getting the room ready for my first baby--he's almost 14 now! He never slept in that room (he preferred mine), but it sure was pretty!!

  11. Oh Ara Jane I am so excited to have dropped back into your world for a moment just at this point! So much beauty and promise. Wishing you and the rest of your family all the very best for this joyous time.

  12. Oh it is so wonderful! Everything about it is so soothing and calming. What awesome light in there. I think it's important that your favorite place to sit with the baby has an amazing view. :)

  13. What an amazing place to bring a new little one into ... well done!

  14. Cute. Let me know if you need basting help!

  15. Just found your blog - this room, your quilts and baby are beautiful!

  16. Where did you find the crib? I love the simple design of it.

  17. melissa: the crib is the sparrow crib from oeuf. they make really lovely kid's furniture.