Friday, July 29, 2011

… these july days

s'mores cake

i am so deeply touched by all of you who left such kinds comments on my last post. really, it meant so much to me to read your words of encouragement and commiseration. things are getting better here, constantly changing, old difficulties are replaced by new ones, but also a with growing baby who is now cooing and, to my eyes, appears to be smiling at times. life is still crazy, but also just crazy good. even through the fatigue and insanity i wouldn't ask for anything else right now.

bday breakfast

in other, non-baby news, i had a birthday last sunday (yay for july babies!), which was celebrated with a delightful breakfast wherein i actually made scones, some lovely flowers from my lovely man, and dinner at the home of our friends, j and t, who most thoughtfully got me an insanely delicious s'mores cake and berry pie from the dahlia bakery to celebrate.

july block for do. good stitches

and in even further non-baby news, i also squeezed in some time to sew my block for this month's do. good stitches bee. rachel asked for one larger block with appliquéd bubbles in a deep sea pallet. i'm not usually big on appliqué, but i do love this block and can't wait to see the finished quilt!

abc crewel

i've also been plugging away on alicia paulson's daisychain abc crewel sampler. i finished the a and the b the day before i went into labor, and since then i've done the c and half of the d. yes, it's slow going around here, as having two hands free at one time is a rarity.

but this slowness just means i have more time to appreciate the little things.


  1. So good to hear that you're being easy on yourself and moving slow. Thank-you for the bubble block. It is lovely, as usual. Just look at those boat prints!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful birthday. I, too, am so happy to hear that you're going at your own pace and that you're enjoying the constant change and novelty as baby Ingrid grows and starts to explore her world. She looks like such a doll! And, don't worry--she'll keep you and your husband on your toes for the next 18 years and beyond. ;-) Enjoy this last day of July, and hope August brings goodness as well.

  3. love your crewel work. did you purchase a kit somewhere? I'd love to hear where you bought your i'm really indecisive on how to start this one!

  4. suburban stitcher: i got the kit from alicia paulson, which came with all the crewel yarn and the pre-printed pattern on fabric. the kits are all sold out now, but you can still buy the pattern from her website and transfer it yourself. the yarn she included in the kits is appleton 2-ply crewel wool, which i believe you can get in a lot of places. good luck!