Tuesday, August 30, 2011

… a hodgepodge of small, happy things

postage stamps

with my small bits of available time i have been able to accomplish… well, some small bits of projects. that's okay, though, as small things often have the most potential for greatness, right?

postage stamps

like the postage stamp exchange we recently did at our modern quilt guild meeting. we each made up packets of 100 2-1/2 inch squares and received an equal number of packets in exchange.

postage stamp squares

postage stampe squares

i don't know quite how i found the time, but i did manage to cut 500 postage stamps and received four delightful packets of different fabrics in exchange (i kept one of my own for myself).

postage stamps

after receiving my packets i had fun laying them all out on my design wall just to see what i had to work with, though i'm still not sure what i'm going to do with them. i could make a simple patchwork, just like it looks above, but i was also thinking of making some half square triangles, perhaps, and doing a value quilt, or even (gasp!) turning them into hexagons. right about now that all sounds like a lot of work, so off the design wall it came.

improv blocks

what is up now is my month's quilt for do. good stitches. i asked for improv pieced blocks in brown/cream/khaki, pink and yellow. this was a pretty selfish request on my part, since i wanted to do something more freeform and less fussy (since that's all my brain can handle at the moment). i really enjoyed piecing my blocks, even though it took me many, many hours over many, many days.

improv quilt progress

i've received half the blocks so far and am loving the way this is coming together. even though we all used different fabrics and our interpretations were all different, the colors really work together and make the blocks appear united. the color scheme was a stretch for me (and it sounds like it also was for the bee members) but, seriously, i love it. i think the piecing makes it look less country cousin and more clean and modern. i may use this color combo again in the future.

7 weeks

fabric: timeless treasures elephants in pink

8 weeks

fabric: from ikea designed by lotta kuhlhorn

and it looks like i'm behind in sharing my weekly ingrid photos! she is already growing out of her onesies (and these are the 3 to 6 month size). yes, we have an enormous baby. yes, i am terribly proud.

snowdrop mug

and speaking of proud, can i tell you how thrilled i am to find this mug?! i was over on bainbridge island perusing the emma bridgewater collection at churchmouse and saw this and probably emitted a little squeal. see, this is the snowdrop's namesake, this loveliest of flowers that blooms in the winter, and is one of c's favorite (he is the one who christened her the snowdrop). from the bottom of the mug:

"the blankets of snowdrops that carpet the woodland floor make the feeble sprinklings in the garden seem irrelevant. however a solid clump here and there reminds one not that spring-is-on-the way but that there is plenty of chilly weather still to come. a glass of snowdrops by the bedside is a seasonal treat."

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

… a walk around the block

my walking companion

one of the many things i am enjoying about having a baby is the tiny rituals that we've developed. for the past couple of weeks, when ingrid gets fussy, i like to put her in the baby bjorn or the moby and go for a walk around the block. usually by the time we've completed our little circuit through the neighborhood she's calm and chilled out.

want to come on a walk with us?

a view down 16th

first we head down our street, toward the park. we live on a dead end, making things mostly quiet and super lovely. and there's lots of trees. we love trees.

the cooper hounds

we pass by the cooper's house, where the dogs come out to the porch to bark their hellos. say hi to scout, stella and rudy!

garden art

there are some amazing gardens on our street. i particularly like this planter in jenn and george's garden.

the path

at the end of the street we turn down the path, which traverses the southernmost border of the park.

turning the corner up 17th

we only take the path for a short while, because we usually turn up 17th.

the rebuilding

right now this house is being renovated. it was formerly occupied by a very elderly gentleman who is now in an assisted living facility. but that's a sad story for another day. the happy part of that story is that his house is being fixed up and restored to what i assume was its former loveliness.

lovely bench that i covet

there is a bench in the front yard that i have been eyeing for a while. i wonder if they would sell it to me? would it be terrible to ask? wouldn't it be the sweetest with a fresh coat of paint and some hand-sewn cushions?

the ruin

also on 17th is the ruin. someone actually does live here. yikes. sometimes i think 17th is the bizzaro version of our street.

art on the stump

and here is a stump that has been festooned with the strangest, most wonderful art.

art on the stump


stolen artwork!

but, alas, it appears there is a thief roaming our streets. at least the trollbooth authority has a sense of humor.

a view down the boulevard

at the end of 17th we turn onto the boulevard. it is my most humble opinion that every street should be a boulevard. because, obviously, that means more trees!

pretty yellow house

i don't know who lives here, but i've always adored this house. perhaps it's the cheerful yellow color or the cozy chairs on the front porch. maybe i'll introduce myself to the owners one day and angle for an invitation to sit in one of those fantastic chairs.

house on the corner

then we turn back down our street. the house on the corner was recently fixed up, and i believe it is made up of individual apartments. i just love the trees that seem to envelope the house.

chris and alice's lilies

chris and alice's lilies smell amazing right now. if the breeze is blowing in just the right way when you walk by it is absolutely intoxicating. (and that hydrangea isn't too shabby, either!)

stopping to smell the calycanthus

when i walk into our yard i always take time to stop and smell the calycanthus. they don't call it sweet bush for nothing. when it's blooming it smells like the richest, sweetest wine, but, unlike the lilies, you've got to get your nose up in there to really appreciate it.

geraniums on the porch

before heading inside i have to admire the happy, bright geraniums on our porch. and, with luck, my little snowdrop is now also happy and bright.

or asleep. i'll also take asleep.

Monday, August 15, 2011

… small projects

bassinet pad

i haven't been able to do much sewing lately. but i have been able to squeeze in some very small projects here and there whilst the little snowdrop is either napping or spending quality father/daughter time with c.

one project was quite necessary. see, our bassinet/moses basket came with a lovely organic cotton pad, which i ruined pretty much right off the bat by putting it in the washing machine. apparently this thing needed to be hand washed but i neglected to notice that (don't get me started on why people even make baby products that can't be put in the washing machine. seriously, this thing was covered in spit-up within just a few days and who has the time to hand wash and line dry anything when there's a tiny baby to attend to?) so when i pulled this thing out of the washing machine it was a giant, balled-up, unrepairable mess. quick, to the sewing machine!

bassinet pad

i whipped up this simple new bassinet pad with anna maria horner's folksy flannels. i used a double layer of batting, and even though it's a bit thinner than the original, ingrid seems to like it. plus, it's double sided so i change up the print whenever i want, and hey! i can also put it in the washing machine, easy peasy lemon squeezy.

hot pack cover back

the other quick project was a gift for our doula. for our labor she asked us to have some heating pads on hand, so i made a microwavable rice bag out of muslin. cheryl liked it so much (it had baffles to keep the rice in place) that i decided to fancy it up and make a nice cover for one for her to use with her clients. if i'd had more time i would have done some nice patchwork for the cover, but since i only had an hour or so i kept it simple and used the same anna maria horner flannels that i used for our bassinet pad. it has a simple envelope closure on the back to make it easy to take the rice bag out and wash the cover (again, see how important being able to wash things is?).

hot pack cover front

i know neither of these things are fancy, but at least i've been able to work on some minor projects to keep up my sewing chops.

6 weeks

fabric: lizzy house pearl bracelet in green (from the 1001 peeps collection)

and, look, our little girl is six weeks old today! i can't believe how much she's changed over the last few weeks. she's been smiling up a storm and is (ohthankgod) sleeping a bit better.

i am smitten.

Monday, August 8, 2011

… ingrid week by week

1 week

fabric: michael miller dumb dot

it's amazing how quickly babies change, no? i can't believe our little girl is 5 weeks old today.

to document ingrid's growth (and to have some fun) we've been photographing her at each week's milestone. i hope that at the end of the year we'll have a terrific collection of photos showing how much she's changed, and also something super pretty to look at.

2 weeks

fabric: anna maria horner summer totem in tart (from the loulouthi collection)

this idea is not mine at all, but something blatantly ripped off from the fine folks over at young house love. they photographed their adorable daughter every week with different fabric backdrops and photoshopped the week onto the onesie. when i saw this i thought, "this is the project for me!" not only do i also have an adorable new daughter to photograph, but i also have an endless supply of fabric on which to photograph her. though, sadly, what i didn't realize when i started this project is that i'd need at least a yard of fabric for the backdrop, and most of the cuts in my stash are half yards or smaller. so, good news/bad news, that means i have to start buying new fabric to keep this up. oh, the things we have to suffer for the sake of our children, right?

3 weeks

fabric: monaluna anika organic blossoms

i chose not to add the number of weeks to the onesie, but instead to make an icon over the fabric itself. but otherwise, i'm pretty much doing exactly what they did. and i'm going to tell you what the fabric of the week is, because i'm thoughtful like that.

4 weeks

fabric: timeless treasures organic apples and pears in cream (from the fruit punch collection)

so please enjoy these photos of my sweet snowdrop from the last 5 weeks and stay tuned for more to come!

5 weeks

fabric: anna maria horner coloring garden in jewel (from the folksy flannels collection)