Monday, August 15, 2011

… small projects

bassinet pad

i haven't been able to do much sewing lately. but i have been able to squeeze in some very small projects here and there whilst the little snowdrop is either napping or spending quality father/daughter time with c.

one project was quite necessary. see, our bassinet/moses basket came with a lovely organic cotton pad, which i ruined pretty much right off the bat by putting it in the washing machine. apparently this thing needed to be hand washed but i neglected to notice that (don't get me started on why people even make baby products that can't be put in the washing machine. seriously, this thing was covered in spit-up within just a few days and who has the time to hand wash and line dry anything when there's a tiny baby to attend to?) so when i pulled this thing out of the washing machine it was a giant, balled-up, unrepairable mess. quick, to the sewing machine!

bassinet pad

i whipped up this simple new bassinet pad with anna maria horner's folksy flannels. i used a double layer of batting, and even though it's a bit thinner than the original, ingrid seems to like it. plus, it's double sided so i change up the print whenever i want, and hey! i can also put it in the washing machine, easy peasy lemon squeezy.

hot pack cover back

the other quick project was a gift for our doula. for our labor she asked us to have some heating pads on hand, so i made a microwavable rice bag out of muslin. cheryl liked it so much (it had baffles to keep the rice in place) that i decided to fancy it up and make a nice cover for one for her to use with her clients. if i'd had more time i would have done some nice patchwork for the cover, but since i only had an hour or so i kept it simple and used the same anna maria horner flannels that i used for our bassinet pad. it has a simple envelope closure on the back to make it easy to take the rice bag out and wash the cover (again, see how important being able to wash things is?).

hot pack cover front

i know neither of these things are fancy, but at least i've been able to work on some minor projects to keep up my sewing chops.

6 weeks

fabric: lizzy house pearl bracelet in green (from the 1001 peeps collection)

and, look, our little girl is six weeks old today! i can't believe how much she's changed over the last few weeks. she's been smiling up a storm and is (ohthankgod) sleeping a bit better.

i am smitten.


  1. Yummmmmy! ok I'm referring to the little folks pad, but I may as well be talking about the baby, too. I want to squoosh her little thighs. I made some jammy pants out of folksy flannels for my girls, and they have washed really beautifully. So awesome when you can incorporate awesome fabrics into stuff you have to look at every day anyway, right?

  2. I second Amanda's thoughts about incorporating fabrics into everyday life. Baby's already adorable, but it doesn't hurt to pick up the crying little one out of a AMH-afied bassinet. Good call!

  3. Yeah on sleep. Once my schedule chills out a bit I would love to do another visit.

  4. Cute! I find that making time to sew helps me maintain my sanity when dealing with the kids.