Wednesday, August 24, 2011

… a walk around the block

my walking companion

one of the many things i am enjoying about having a baby is the tiny rituals that we've developed. for the past couple of weeks, when ingrid gets fussy, i like to put her in the baby bjorn or the moby and go for a walk around the block. usually by the time we've completed our little circuit through the neighborhood she's calm and chilled out.

want to come on a walk with us?

a view down 16th

first we head down our street, toward the park. we live on a dead end, making things mostly quiet and super lovely. and there's lots of trees. we love trees.

the cooper hounds

we pass by the cooper's house, where the dogs come out to the porch to bark their hellos. say hi to scout, stella and rudy!

garden art

there are some amazing gardens on our street. i particularly like this planter in jenn and george's garden.

the path

at the end of the street we turn down the path, which traverses the southernmost border of the park.

turning the corner up 17th

we only take the path for a short while, because we usually turn up 17th.

the rebuilding

right now this house is being renovated. it was formerly occupied by a very elderly gentleman who is now in an assisted living facility. but that's a sad story for another day. the happy part of that story is that his house is being fixed up and restored to what i assume was its former loveliness.

lovely bench that i covet

there is a bench in the front yard that i have been eyeing for a while. i wonder if they would sell it to me? would it be terrible to ask? wouldn't it be the sweetest with a fresh coat of paint and some hand-sewn cushions?

the ruin

also on 17th is the ruin. someone actually does live here. yikes. sometimes i think 17th is the bizzaro version of our street.

art on the stump

and here is a stump that has been festooned with the strangest, most wonderful art.

art on the stump


stolen artwork!

but, alas, it appears there is a thief roaming our streets. at least the trollbooth authority has a sense of humor.

a view down the boulevard

at the end of 17th we turn onto the boulevard. it is my most humble opinion that every street should be a boulevard. because, obviously, that means more trees!

pretty yellow house

i don't know who lives here, but i've always adored this house. perhaps it's the cheerful yellow color or the cozy chairs on the front porch. maybe i'll introduce myself to the owners one day and angle for an invitation to sit in one of those fantastic chairs.

house on the corner

then we turn back down our street. the house on the corner was recently fixed up, and i believe it is made up of individual apartments. i just love the trees that seem to envelope the house.

chris and alice's lilies

chris and alice's lilies smell amazing right now. if the breeze is blowing in just the right way when you walk by it is absolutely intoxicating. (and that hydrangea isn't too shabby, either!)

stopping to smell the calycanthus

when i walk into our yard i always take time to stop and smell the calycanthus. they don't call it sweet bush for nothing. when it's blooming it smells like the richest, sweetest wine, but, unlike the lilies, you've got to get your nose up in there to really appreciate it.

geraniums on the porch

before heading inside i have to admire the happy, bright geraniums on our porch. and, with luck, my little snowdrop is now also happy and bright.

or asleep. i'll also take asleep.


  1. goodness, loving the looks of your neighborhood :) would love some of that in this rural area here ;) p.s. designs for that bench sound just about perfect!

  2. That was my most favorite blog post in quite some time! Thank you for sharing that lovely walk with us! Ingrid is a doll.

  3. What a lovely post. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Good morning! I usually have a lquick ook at your blog to catch up on your latest quilt design and colour combinations, but today I was rewarded with a gorgeous baby portrait and a leisurely stroll around a very lovely neighbourhood. A good way to start my day.

  5. What a lovely place you live! I'm so glad you and Ingrid get out and enjoy it.

  6. I adore the yellow house! Nice to get a glimpse of your life on the other side of the ocean - and think back in the time when I was making very similar walks with my little baby girl as a fresh mother :)

  7. Oh, that was so fun! What a lovely and interesting neighborhood you have. I'm afraid my house is going to look like the ruin someday because I hate gardening. Looks like you have a special touch with that. Thanks for sharing and taking all those pictures. I love the one about the thief. Totally wishing you could go to the Summit, but understanding how hard that might be with little snowdrop.

  8. Lovely walk! Nice geraniums, too. What a pretty neighborhood. What color are Ingrid's eyes right now? Gray? They look so pretty. She looks so curious and inquisitive during this outdoor stroll.

  9. I'm envious of your route! Found your blog through the coins Flickr group...subcribing now.... :)

  10. Really -- what could be better than a lovely walk with a newborn next to your heart!

  11. So pretty Ara Jane! I want to walk with you guys! Love that bench...I think you should ask about it.

  12. What a great neighborhood - and the love the not from the trollbooth authority.

  13. the NOTE. Not the not. One of those trolls must have been at my keyboard...

  14. gorgeous neighbourhood. I loved walking around parts of Berkeley when I was in the States that had this kind of feel.