Monday, September 26, 2011

… the fair

at the fair: ingrid in her wrangler shirt

last year i missed the puyallup fair and i was so very sad. i swore i wouldn't let it pass me by again and i stuck to my guns. this year i went with ingrid, c and our friend anika and her two little ones. plus, our friend, suze, gave ingrid this awesome wrangler onesie that was just screaming to be worn to the fair. how could i resist?

at the fair: sheep

at the fair: sheep in a truck

at the fair: black sheep

my favorite thing to do at the fair is see all the animals. sheep are my all-time favorite. i mean, look at those faces!

at the fair: rabbit

but the rabbits and hares were pretty cute this year.

at the fair: camel

and this camel, in the exotic animal barn, was killing me. that snaggletooth!

at the fair: hedgehog

and a woman was showing off this hedgehog. it was impossible to get a non-blurry picture because he was a squirmy little guy.

at the fair: fisher scone

my second favorite thing about the fair is fisher scones. i could eat a hundred of these.

(actually, i ate two and maxed out my sweetness capacity.)

at the fair: quilts

this year i made time to see the quilts. even though most of these weren't my bag aesthetically, i still was in awe of the skill. my points never match up this good.

at the fair: jams and jellies

jams and jellies!

at the fair with ingrid

all in all, a successful trip. ingrid was a champ and was a happy camper the whole time. it was just c and i who got insanely tired and required naps when we got home.


  1. County fairs are always so much fun, what with all of the animals, the crafts, the food, music, etc. It's a good time for everyone. Looks like you had such a great time. Yay!

  2. She is getting SO big and starting to look SO like mom!!!

  3. I love county fairs. I didn't get to any this year, so it's great to go vicariously. Yours looks amazing, both familiar and very foreign - just the word, 'Puyallup', seems very American! - and those quilts are amazing: very different from our usual craft tents (mostly full of wooden mushrooms and iron fire-dogs). Glad you had a great time!

  4. The puyallup is my FAVORITE! When I was little my parents wanted to surprise me with a trip to disneyland. But they told me we were going to the fair, and I was SO MAD when we got in the airplane because I KNEW you did not take an airplane to get there. I threw the worst tantrum ever, and they had to spoil the surprise to get me to stop!
    I need to go next year and get a scone! mmm!

  5. Oh, can I go next year with you all?! Maybe Ingrid and us all can get Roan to ride a sheep, truly disturbing Americana.