Monday, October 3, 2011

… a challenge

yay for accomplishing things! as opposed to just sitting around and thinking of accomplishing things (as i am wont to do). the always-lovely amanda proposed that we all stop pinning and start doing. so i took her up on the challenge and baked a cake i pinned a while back to bring to our friends' house for dinner this weekend.

chocolate root beer cake

i made a root beer chocolate bundt cake from the kitchn. doesn't that sound heavenly? i am here to tell you that it was, so if you pinned this, too, you should go right ahead and make it. however, you might notice how terrible the frosting looks in my photo. and it's true, that frosting was no looker. it was so weirdly gloppy that i ended up applying it to the cake like putty. i'm not sure where went wrong, i know i followed the recipe perfectly, and i even put it in the food processor when it looked like it wouldn't come together, but still, it stayed super ugly. but honestly, it tasted so fan-feaking-tastic that i stopped caring how it looked pretty quickly. you really can taste the root beer in this cake, and it was insanely moist and dense and dark with that fudgey, intense frosting.

chocolate root beer cake

yum, yum, and yum.

12 weeks

fabric: anna maria horner fortune in sunset (from the folksy flannels collection)

and did you know that this whole ingrid-on-fabric project was inspired by something that i pinned? it's true! i'm making it happen, cap'n.

13 weeks

fabric: timeless treasures cotton lawn betty in cream (from the darling clementine collection)

(oh, i just love that little baby's smile. we are now able to make her laugh on cue by doing a comical stage whisper. i don't know why she's so tickled by that, but she is, and her laugh just melts my heart. swoon.)

so thanks, amanda, for the fun challenge and reminder that inspiration is just the first step and that actually following through can be so very satisfying.


  1. I'd better not let my daughter see this post. Between the root beer chocolate cake and the baby cuteness, she would swoon too!

  2. That cake looks great. Now I'm torn - do I make the root beer bundt or the coca cola sheet cake? Decisions are so hard. :)

  3. I'm nearly positive I have that cake pinned, too. Yours looks delicious! Now I just need to remember to buy root beer! And there are so many cute photo ideas on Pinterest, aren't there? Your daughter is totally adorable!

  4. Congrats on your first Pin-did.

    P.S. I want your baby

    P.P.S. And now I want Timeless Treasure cotton lawn too...

  5. I made this cake (from Baked, I think) and had the exact same frosting - ugly but fudgy and delicious. Doing is the best.

  6. Oooooh, that cake looks delicious.
    And oooooh, that baby looks adorable :)

  7. look at her smile! she looks just about as tasty as that CAKE! :)

  8. I made this cake for a small dinner party with friends. We all love Root Beer, so I thought this would be the ultimate. I liked the cake. Easy enough to make, tasted really good. My frosting came out fine, nice and creamy. My cake was a little on the dry side. I think I gave it 3 too many minutes extra :-) My only downside was that it didn't taste enough like Root Beer. I used Mug and maybe would try a different, more lively brand next time.

    Your baby is just beautiful!

  9. Hi! I'm new to your blog and thought I would chime in about your frosting...did you sift your confectioners sugar? if it's lumpy you need to add a little more liquid too (so sift and more liquid) IMO :):) ..I'm a foodie and that's what I think the problem looks delicious though! and I just love Love your quilts! your baby is just precious :)