Wednesday, October 12, 2011

… outings

quilt pressing

i am slowly but surely working on the august quilt for do. good stitches. i had it on the ironing board, pressing in progress, when i had to stop work and attend to other things. the next day i caught this scene as i walked by the sewing room and it looked so perfectly lovely i couldn't resist the shot.

i did end up going with the light flax linen for sashing. it started to grow on me and now i do love it. i also picked up backing fabric so, if everything goes right, i can have it finished in the next week or two.


last weekend we took a little day trip up to la conner for the annual quilt festival at the la conner quilt & textile museum. it was mostly an excuse to get out of town on a gorgeous day. and also look at quilts. that was nice, too.


i have a pretty terrific little family.

14 weeks

fabric: jessica jones tulip in dusk (from the outside oslo collection)

14 weeks! she's a keeper.


  1. I love the face Ingrid's making in that family picture... :D

  2. ooh pretty quilt. you are so cute, ara jane!

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  4. Outings are good! Great photos! Looks like last weekend was a crafts fair type of weekend. Hope you enjoyed the quilt museum. Last Saturday I went to the local fall arts/crafts festival, and saw a lot of quilts, and thought, "man, I want to learn to quilt". Actually, there is a quilting museum in my hometown where I grew up. I've been eyeing their website ( ). I've never been, but am thinking I might go one weekend when I am back visiting my parents.

  5. I love the family photo. So great to see you :)
    The quilt looks lovely - a bit like a stained glass window.

  6. Love the quilt. Ingrid's face is so cute in that photo.