Monday, November 7, 2011

… catching up

trip around the world blocks

geez louise! where have i been? how about in lieu of telling you i just bombard you with a gazillion photos?

i worked on the do. good stitches august quilt a bit and managed to send off blocks to melanie for her october quilt in the nick of time. these are blocks for a trip around the world quilt that used a super nifty trick.

happy baby

ingrid and i took a trip to the pacific antique mall. she was a very happy baby, what with so much to look at.


spooky doll heads

sparkly christmas display

i am a magpie for all things sparkly-christmassy.

painting i actually bought

i stood staring at this painting forever and then decided that i needed to take it home with me. it is now hanging above our bed. i love it.

sleepy baby

by the end of the excursion i had one sleepy baby on my hands.

Happy Halloween from the Snowdrop!


we celebrated halloween by carving pumpkins and dressing ingrid up as a snowdrop. i made the little costume out of felt, though it took me several tries. my first attempt made her look like a kkk grand wizard. you do not need me to tell you how unfortunate that was.

peps halloween

here she is with her peps peeps. terrible photo, i know. but super adorable babies, right?

japanese garden at the arboretum

big leaf maple

we spent a lot of time outdoors, at the japanese garden at the arboretum and at seward park. fall has been truly lovely in seattle.

baby's first ethiopian food

we took ingrid out for her first ethiopian food, though we did all the eating. (the veggie combo is the tastiest deal around.)

crumpet shop

seattle art museum lobby

crazy china room at seattle art museum

we had a terrific little downtown adventure with a visit to the crumpet shop and an afternoon spent wandering around the seattle art museum. crumpets and art are a winning combo.

15 weeks

fabric: michael miller bicycles in citron

16 weeks

fabric: ikea by helen trast

17 weeks

fabric: liz scott painted flowers in cream chartreuse (from the sugar pop collection)

18 weeks

fabric: lotta jansdotter choma in bermuda (from the echo collection)

and i've been continuing to take my weekly photos. today's photo is on the new lotta jansdotter fabric. i am in love with this collection.


it has been ages since i've bought a complete fat quarter set, but i couldn't resist with this one. each and every fabric in this line is just so perfect.


now, if only i could find some time to sew with it!


  1. Sleeping Ingrid is adorable! And the Halloween baby lineup is too cute! :)

  2. Looks like a fun trip to the antique place! I, too, love sparkly Christmasy things. I went shopping this past weekend, and despite how people complain about the holiday decorations going up too early, I surprised myself a little by secretly getting kind of excited about the sparkly stuff on display. (Shh, don't tell anyone that...but then again, it IS November, and I'm allowed to get excited about both Thanksgiving and Christmas, aren't I?).

  3. I have tried to comment a few times to mention that Ingrid is such a BEAUTY. Caps required. I can barely stand the cuteness. Also, how you find time to still do all the lovely things you do is a mystery and a marvel.

  4. Thank-you for catching us up! She is so, so, so pretty. And, I love seeing the fabric too. Such a great tradition for a sewist ;)

  5. Ingrid is gorgeous! Love the photo of her asleep!

  6. Sorry I missed you at the sew-in. I'm going to Sandie's tomorrow if you want to come!

  7. What a fantastic antiques place, I would go crazy in the Christmas department. Sadly, I have never ever seen any Christmas things in bot fairs or antiques centers in the UK.

    Your little munchkin is growing so fast (says mum of a 11 month old!), amazing how they change, she is adorable. weirdly I already forgot Freddie at this age.

  8. Can't wait to see photos of Ingrid's handmade clothing! I loved the PEPS photos
    (I also just ran into your hubbie at my office - very exciting!)
    - Sara