Thursday, December 1, 2011

… a december advent


i love the holidays. thanksgiving has always been one of my favorites, since it's about two of my most-loved things: family and food. and then christmas comes, with its sparkly lights and the smell of the tree and cozy indoor activities (because, let's face it, i am mostly a cozy indoor activities kind of person) and hot drinks and get-togethers with good friends. this year seems so very special to me, since i now have my own little family to celebrate the holidays with (aren't babies magic like that?). this year thanksgiving had me filled with gratitude for everything i have and i was reminded again about how important gratitude is when i read this article on the foundation of happiness. (go ahead, read it, it's not that long!)

in fact, it reminded me how much i miss this blog. not because i feel obligated to post here, but because i really sincerely miss the chance to remind myself on a regular basis how much there is to love in the world, which was why i started this thing in the first place.

so, just to get back in the habit, my aim is to post here every day until christmas, mostly about what i love about this time of year. i know, that's a lofty goal for someone who has managed to write one or two times a month since the little snowdrop made her appearance, but i think i can do it. consider this my own little advent calendar.

lego advent

and speaking of advent calendars, i had big plans to make one this year to start a new family tradition. you know, one of those lovely fabric ones with little pockets that i would lovingly stash tiny presents inside to the delight of my daughter (yes, she is 5 months old and yes, she probably has no concept of an advent calendar yet). but… well… that never happened. luckily c's brother brought us a lego advent calendar two days ago, just in time for the 1st. oh happy day! still, i would like to plan on making one for next year and i pinned several for some inspiration.

source: the purl bee

source: noodlehead on gwenny penny

source: elizabeth hartman on sew, mama, sew!

aren't they just lovely? i should probably start one now to have it finished by next december, though.


and speaking of slow sewing, i am finally wrapping up my august (ahem) quilt for do. good stitches. binding was completed today and now all i have left is the best part: hand sewing it to the back. yay for cozy evenings on the couch with a needle and thread!

and speaking of my daughter (wait, we weren't? oh well…) here's a few weeks worth of pictures.

19 weeks

fabric: amy butler charisma in midnight (from the lark collection)

this was a terrible week. and a terrible picture on purpose. oh well, they can't all be winners.

20 weeks

fabric: violet craft parade day in grey (from the peacock lane collection)

21 weeks

fabric: anna maria horner in the clearing in autumn (from the loulouthi flannel collection)

i am so looking forward to this month. here's to celebrating the holidays with gratitude and purpose!


  1. I cannot believe how cute she is! No seriously...she is the most adorable baby (I'm sure you'll agree :)

  2. I always want to buy the fabrics you photograph with Ingrid. Hmm... What does this say about me? Are you planning to make a quilt for her that has all the fabrics you've photographed her on? Could be good (crazy, but good).

  3. what a great idea because we love visiting. your little bee is sooo adorable.