Saturday, December 10, 2011

… decking the halls


ok, that's much better. i had some time tonight to finish trimming the tree and decking the rest of the halls. i like lots of lights on the tree.

Tree top

in years past we have had a blue and silver themed tree, but this year i decided we needed red. so thanks to ikea and target i can now bask in the glow of a very merry red tree.


i like pulling out my old ornaments, ones that i've had since i was a child, and putting them on the tree. my godmother used to send an angel ornament every year for christmas when i was growing up. even though i don't see or talk to her anymore, it still feels special to have those.


today we went to my friend gael's annual cookie party, and i had planned to write all about that but can't find my camera with all the pictures i took. i'm crossing my fingers that i left the camera at gael's and that it's safe and sound somewhere. but for now it's instagram photos and make-do posts.


i'm not complaining, though, since the house sure is pretty right now.