Saturday, December 24, 2011

… holiday baking


at last, i got a chance to do my holiday baking. i know everyone gets overloaded with sweets around christmas, but i just can't help myself. i like to bake some nice things for our lovely neighbors to enjoy to say thank you for being such terrific friends.


this year i found some cute little martha stewart crafts boxes with four little divided sections at joann. i only started kicking myself for this yesterday, though, since i realized i committed myself to having to bake four different things. it was a baking frenzy, i tell you.


this year i made:
nutmeg sugar cookies with eggnog frosting
chocolate-covered caramelized matzoh crunch
cherry rum shortbread (the original recipe called for cranberries, which i don't like, so in went the cherries!)
apple cider toffee (this should have been apple cider caramels, but i suspect my candy thermometer is malfunctioning, since these came out rock hard. oh well, they are still delicious when called by a different name!)


everything was delicious, but the eggnog cookies were a big hit with c and his brother. i made some extras for us with a moose cookie cutter.

cookies & candy


so much butter. and that's not even all of what i used. yikes.


and even though i do love baking, i am glad it's done.

i thought i might come back here and post tomorrow, but now i think i'd rather just relax and enjoy the day with my little family.

merry christmas!

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  1. They all look amazing! I hope you had a Merry Christmas!