Friday, December 2, 2011

… holiday music

i am a total sucker for christmas music. in fact, it might be just a little true that i was listening to some christmas music a few days before thanksgiving this year. and last year i spent the entire month of december with the vince guaraldi peanuts christmas album playing in my car constantly. and i never got sick of it.

this year i have the new album from the lower lights, come let us adore him on repeat. you guys, it is so pretty. my favorite is probably "i heard the bells on christmas day" but they're all just so lovely. trust me.

i'm also digging the she and him christmas album. a couple of songs border on cloying, but mostly they are lovely. the first track, "the christmas waltz" is terrific.

and then there's always bing crosby. we had the actual record when i was a little kid and i remember being so excited to pull it out each christmas. bing crosby is pretty much the definition of christmas.

and so i've made this little christmas mix for you with a sampling of my favorites (including the lower lights, she and him, good ol' bing, nat king cole, vince guaraldi and more). what do i like in a good christmas song? i like warmth, i like happy, i definitely like a little melancholy, i like tradition. i'm not so much a fan of the gimmicky (e.g. santa got run over by a reindeer, you know what i mean) but i definitely like a little weirdness (prince's "another lonely christmas" as covered by dump is pretty spectacular).

so tell me, what's your favorite holiday music? anything else i should be listening to?


  1. funny you mention listening to the peanuts christmas album when you're driving. i was just telling a couple of friends the other day that i do the same thing--the music goes into my car thanksgiving weekend and doesn't come out until january. i suspect we may like some of the same holiday/christmas music, but for what it's worth, i can definitely tell you some of my other faves. the Pottery Barn triology (Cool Christmas, Hip Holidays, and Classic Christmas) are excellent, as they contain lots of classics: Pearl Bailey, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Burl Ives, Andy Williams, Eartha Kitt, Dean Martin, Nat King get the idea. for traditional choral Christmas music, i highly recommend the Cambridge Singers' "A Christmas Star". the singing is very traditional Christmas choir style music and gorgeous--i like this one better than the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas, which is also great. (Did you ever go to the annual Christmas Vespers concert in college? I had a friend in glee club so went a couple of times and just loved it). I also highly recommend George Winston's December. I'm a big fan of him in general, not just at Christmas--the way he plays the piano is almost bell-like, the way he moves over the keys and he was also influenced by Vince Guaraldi. The whole album is fantastic, but I think Carol of the Bells captures that bell-like quality. a friend gave me his holiday mix a few years ago as a party favor and it has other greats, like Elvis, Brenda Lee, and some from Rankin Bass (ie, the music from tv's classic "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer"). Enough of my recs--thank YOU for posting your christmas mix. Enjoy the advent/countdown.

  2. Bob Dylan's "Christmas In the Heart" has become a household favorite this year. Claire loves "Must Be Santa". I love the traditional favorites (and yet I'm also a sucker for Bruce Sprintsteen's "Merry Christmas, Baby!").

  3. My husband grew up listening to the Ray Conniff Singers. It's very old school traditional but is still our go to Christmas album. When our 2 year old was just a few weeks old we drove to Tennessee so she could meet her grandparents and went 16 hours with it on loop!

    Happy Holidays to you!