Wednesday, January 18, 2012

… a snow day

Snowy Ravenna creek

we rarely get snow in seattle, so it was so exciting to have several rounds of gorgeous whiteness descend on the city in the last few days.

Lovely, snowy morning

Cider party in the snow

Snow baby

Snowy walk

on sunday, at the first snowfall, we ventured out with some friends for a walk with hot cider in hand. and took lots of ingrid's-first-snow pictures.

Fern-capped snowman

this morning, after several days of on-again-off-again snow, we woke to a serious blanket of white. i love it. and, even though everyone makes fun of us when it comes to snow, i love living in this city, where at the first sign of snow we all stay home from work, turn into giddy little children and venture outside to make snowmen, go sledding, and throw snowballs.

now excuse me while i sip some hot cocoa and admire this lovely landscape before it all melts away.


  1. We had snow and -20 today all day. Sooooo cold. Happy quilting

  2. We were gypped down here in Portland you guys got all the snow. I love your photos enjoy the hot chocolate!

  3. Sounds like you're enjoying the winter wonderland and some cozy, hot beverages--I'm so envious! We have yet to see snowflakes here but I'm holding out hope for one good snowstorm before winter is over. As much as I love springtime, I want my winter. There is just something so, so wrong about seeing crocus tips popping up from the ground in January.

  4. What a sweet little baby. So cute!!