Friday, February 24, 2012

… pretty things

so many pretty things in life, so little time!

Retro flowers block

i finally (finally) tackled the retro flowers block for the february do. good stitches love circle quilt. did i mention that i'm the one who picked this block? and i hadn't even tried making it yet? ha! good thing for me it came together without too many problems. a couple of my seams are off by a tiny bit, but i'm not too bothered by that. and the best news? i am no longer intimidated by curves, thanks to this incredibly well-written pattern. here's something else nice about this: christina from the sometimes crafter donated her lovely pattern for us to use this month. not only is she an amazing designer, but she a sweetheart, too!

My design wall is so pretty right now it's killing me!

the blocks have started coming in from my circle members, and they are looking fabulous. i asked for flowers in bright, saturated warm colors: fuchsias, oranges, reds, yellows, oh my! here they are co-mingling with my collection of arkansas traveler blocks.

i was initially making mixed color blocks for the arkansas travelers, but i decided i liked them better when they were just aqua or just yellow/orange/gold. i may use the multi-colored ones for the back. or see how they might come into play on the front. i still have quite a few left to sew, though. slowly but surely, right?

The most gorgeous fabric from Lauren!

i've also received some lovely fabric in the mail lately, most notably this stack of screenprinted fabric depicting the visual english alphabet designed by the ever-fabulous lauren. is this seriously not the most awesome fabric ever?

Ingrid fabric!

but it gets better! she also sent along this ingrid fabric as a bonus for me (pardon the terrible instagram photo). if i wasn't already smitten with lauren i'm totally in love with her now.

and, of course, the loveliest of them all, my sweet snowdrop.

32 weeks

fabric: rashida coleman-hale washi tape in beige (from the washi collection)

33 weeks

fabric: ikea by lotta kuhlhorn

she's a real champ at sitting up lately. i swear she said "mama" the other day. i'm sure it wasn't directed at me, and yet it totally melted my heart. totally.


  1. i am love love loving your design bright and cheerful at the end of a grey february! and oh, that asl alphabet fabric is fan.tas.tic.

  2. i'm a teacher of the deaf so those prints with the visual english alphabet hit home for me! I checked out the website, wish it was more in my price range.. its beautiful, enjoy it!

  3. Great things happening on your design wall :)
    And I especially love the second photo of your little snowdrop. Apart from her sweet looks I love that it looks as if the fox was watching her ;)

  4. Yay! You know what I love? Ara Jane. I am seriously so excited to see what you do with them!

  5. omg - the travelers blocks look fantastic. I can imagine making a quilt for me out of them, too. But I was inspired by you to making some blocks for a quilt back. Thanks for that.
    The retro flowers pattern lies here, too. I didn't think I would choose such bright colours but they look so so fantastic that I changed my mind. I think I have to buy bright fabric soon ;)

    I always have problems commenting here with my wordpress account or my homepage here. Maybe it's something in the settings?

  6. I absolutely LOOOOVE the 33 weeks photo! She is super sweet in every shot but this one really takes the cake. Great fabric, great expression, great little feet!

  7. oooohhh.... Mama! That's so fantastic when it happens. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  8. I love the way you've arranged the colours in those flowers so that the colour graduates from orangey at the centre to pinky red at the outside :-)