Wednesday, March 21, 2012

… blogging in my head

i can't be the only one who does this, right? that is, write entire blog posts in my head and then never actually post them. if it was possible to write posts and update my blog with just the power of my mind, i would probably post every day. in fact, i think i composed this one in my head over a week ago.

someone once told me that really creative people have this thing where they can imagine doing things so clearly that they often actually think they've done them when they haven't. this happens to me all the time. usually in the form of thinking i've responded to emails (i'm terrible at replying to emails) or calling people back (i'm even worse at this).

so, let's pretend that i'm actually super creative and not just incredibly lazy. plus, most often lately, my day is filled with all things baby and, really, what can i say about that that hasn't already been said? you are all already too sweet to humor me by letting me get away with posting so many photos of my little snowdrop already, i can't imagine what would happen if i showed you all what my days are really like.

anyhows, in the last couple of weeks i have mind-blogged about:

Manzanita, Oregon

Baby's first swim!

My haul from Cool Cottons in Portland

our trip to portland and the oregon coast.

Soda bread!

baking the best ever irish soda break for st. patrick's day.

It's not a trip to Bainbridge Island without a trip to Mora

visiting my parents on bainbridge island and eating delicious ice cream from mora.

The home stretch!

being thisclose to completing my abc crewel sampler.

Getting there...

not to mention nearly completing all my arkansas traveler blocks.

Happy little stack

getting my delicious stack of flea market fancy in the mail.

35 weeks

fabric: liz scott time for tea in aqua (from the domestic bliss collection)

36 weeks

fabrics: timeless treasures video game goons in black (from the totally 80s collection)

37 weeks

fabric: denyse schmidt posie in turqoise (from the flea market fancy collection)

and, of course, my lovely little baby.

so, are there any other fellow mind-bloggers out there?

Friday, March 2, 2012

… this

Blocks from my bee ladies have been coming in... Love this quilt already!

and this.

34 weeks

fabric: lizzy house leaves and berries in blue (from the hello pilgrim collection)

you know, the usual.

*on another note, we're off for a little oregon getaway this weekend, spending a night in portland and then a night on the coast in manzanita. does anyone have any good portland recommendations in terms of crafting and eating? my usual go-to places are: powell's (natch), bolt, cool cottons, various food carts, broder for breakfast, and clever cycles for bicycle goodness. anywhere else i should check out? thanks!