Thursday, April 26, 2012

… read-a-thonning

last saturday was the spring edition of dewey's 24-hour read-a-thon. i participated for the first time almost 2 years ago and then again last april. this time i was an unofficial participant, since i knew that with a baby there was no way in hell i could actually spend that much time reading. but i figured that if i at least squeezed some reading into the nooks and crannies of my day that might add up to at least a significant (to me) amount. here's how it went down.

5:00--official read-a-thon start time. still sleeping. sleep is precious.
6:45--wake up.

Read-a-thon scones
7:00--put scones in the oven and make tea.
Read-a-thon beginnings!
7:10--read midnight in austenland (10 minutes).
7:20--baby wakes up, playtime and breakfast.
8:20--nurse baby and put down for nap #1.
8:45--read midnight in austenland (45 minutes)
9:30--baby wakes up.
10:00--walk to farmer's market with the family, play time at home, eat lunch.
11:35--nurse baby and put down for nap #2.
12:00--read midnight in austenland (45 minutes).
12:45--baby wakes up, help c get baby ready to go out to lunch, and see them off.
Read-a-thon tea
1:00--read midnight in austenland (2 hours).
Little Women!
3:00--finish midnight in austenland and pick up little women (30 minutes).
3:30--baby and c return from outing, playtime.
4:00--nurse baby and put down for nap #3.
5:00--baby wakes up.
5:30--go to friend's rollerskating birthday party.
7:30--return home, eat dinner.
8:15--nurse baby and put her to bed (this is a later bedtime than usual… please don't judge me!).
9:00--take a bath and read little women (1 hour).
11:00--get into bed, still reading little women (20 minutes).
11:20--fall asleep.
total reading time: ~5 hours and 30 minutes. and even in those 5 and 1/2 hours i was still doing other things like snacking, reheating tea, puttering around, etc. so it's not the 23 1/2 hours I spent reading my first read-a-thon, but still i'm tickled that i got to spend that much hunkered down with a good book or two.

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  1. I always miss this...and I would love to try it one year. Sounds like it was a marvelous day!