Monday, August 27, 2012

… my first swap

love circle swap pillow

we did a little exchange amongst the members of the love circle of do. good stitches and i just received the goods from my first swap ever. yay!

elizabeth stitched up this lovely pillow cover for me and i'm so tickled by it. it fits in perfectly in my new sewing room, with its pink walls and yellow shelves. when i opened the package my husband was looking over my shoulder and said, "wow, how did she know those are your favorite colors?" well, i did specify that i love pink, blue and yellow, but it is amazing how me this pillow is.

love circle swap package!

and she also sent along this adorable card and a whole bunch of 2-1/2" charms. who doesnt love charm squares? so sweet!

love circle swap pillow meets a friend

and it goes especially well with this pillow i made a couple of years ago. don't they look right at home together in my cozy sewing room chair?

and now [gulp] i should probably finish up what i'm making for the swap and mail it off by friday. eep!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

… a modern quilt guild meet-up

i was so excited about last weekend's pacific northwest modern quilt guild meet-up (where the fine folks from portland and vancouver convened with us in seattle for three days of drinking, socializing, charity sewing, shop-hopping and general silliness), that i forgot my camera. all three days. but don't worry! i have some substandard instagram photos to share with you. wheeeee!

Modern cross quilts from Saturday's PNW meetup.

Stitch and flip quilt from Saturday's PNW meet-up. I spy @2ndavestudio!

Katie hard at work at Saturday's PNW meet-up

My haul from last weekend's meet-up

Ingrid getting busy at Drygoods Design

Metagramming with Happy Zombie

The Kristas!

but mostly it was awesome to meet old online friends and make new ones.