Tuesday, February 26, 2013

… quiltcon inspiration

what can i say? it was an amazing weekend. i got to spend time with my good friends from seattle, see old friends, meet friends i've only known online, and make new friends. i took two great classes and heard some inspiring lectures. but the thing is, i took almost no pictures. i guess i was having too much fun to be bothered.

but i did spend one morning by myself wandering the show floor, taking in all the amazing quilts. the main thing i started to notice is all the gorgeous quilting. i'm going to be honest with myself, i have not, in the past, done such a great job on my quilting. part of that was the limitations of my old machine, but i recognize that a lot of it is my own inherent laziness. i spend all this time piecing a quilt top, and then i get to the quilting part and just want to be done with it already. and i'm starting to understand how that really short-changes my work. i would have entered my arkansas, traveled quilt in the show, but i was actually quite embarrassed by my quilting.

and that is something i hope to change this year. i'll share with you some of the shots i took of quilting from the show that i found inspiring, beautiful and interesting. i am kicking myself now for not remembering to take photos of the labels as i can't identify many of these quilts. if one of these is yours or you know whose quilt it is, please let me know so i can give credit.


i'm pretty sure this is by the amazing jacquie gering. this quilting was so tight it was mind-boggling.








gorgeous hand quilting by joel ignacio.


i think this quilt is by latifah.


this loveliness is the work of dan rouse.


one of denyse schmidt's quilts.


i think this is the back of carolyn friedlander's gorgeous quilt


from the best-in-show quilt made by victoria findlay wolfe, quilting by lisa sipes


gorgeous hand-quilting from one of the vintage quilts from the collection roderick kiracofe

here are some things i noticed right off the bat about what i'm drawn to:

1. i love straight-line quilting
2. i like very closely spaced quilting
3. i am drawn to grids
4. i am not bothered by "imperfections"
5. i like small touches of hand quilting
6. save for one photo, none of these feature free motion quilting. hmmm....

this certainly gives me some things to think about and work on going forward. goals are good! yay for growth!

and yay for quiltcon!


  1. Love all these examples of fine quilting! I think my list of "likes" would be very close to yours!

  2. yay indeed!
    I am so glad to have met you :-)

  3. I'm so glad you posted these! In most photos it's easy to see the piecing but the quilting is sometimes difficult to distinguish and I'm always curious about how other people quilt their quilts!!

  4. FYI, the quilting on Victoria's quilt was done by the epic Lisa Sipes (thatcrazyquiltygirl).

  5. Great list of "I like". I'm working on that quilting list too because I often think I "want" to do what I see but in reality I don't want to do a lot of what I see. That makes almost no sense, but the point is it's good to figure out what you actually like. The quilt show is such a good chance for that! I also found I'm not drawn to much FMQ.

  6. Gorgeous shots. You are right about Dan's and Latifah's quilts above. Other than that, I'm not sure. It was a beautiful show, and I really enjoyed getting to talk with you again. It's never enough time, but that's life!

  7. Thank you so much for this post Arajane! It's unlike any post QuiltCon blog post I've stumbled upon. The quilting photos you are sharing are inspiring! Thank you so much!!

  8. oh man, I totally hear ya, I get a little lax when it comes to the quilting part. I love these examples!

  9. Love this post! xo

  10. Great selection! You're right about mine - thanks! The one with hand stitched arcs (two above mine) is by Joel Ignacio

  11. If you volunteer to be a quilt holder during our next show and tell, you will be inspired by even more diversity in quilting. I love Jacquie's matchstick quilting too.

  12. Thanks for this post. It's great to see great examples of great quilting. (must find thesaurus!)

  13. What beautiful examples! Like you, I struggle with motivation to spend much time on quilting -- it's much more fun to move onto the NEXT quilt top!!