Sunday, June 30, 2013

… 3/4 log cabins


actually, i'm not sure what this block is called, so i decided to call it a 3/4 log cabin. or a 3-sided log cabin. whatever the name, it is the block i'm asking the love circle of do. good stitches to make this month. i'm also calling this a "high volume" quilt. because i'm a little contrary and i'm tired of so much low volume right now (says the girl whose last do. good stitches quilt was all about low volume fabric). but today give me bright bright bright!

i'm asking for two 12.5" square blocks that contain one or many 3/4 log cabins. it's totally up to you. i made one large one and one with a tall skinny and two small squares. but you could make one with four little ones, two tall skinnies, two short and longs, whatever. the only parameters are that the fabrics are all solids and that the overall look is bright, colorful, and saturated. of course, you can use some neutral or light fabrics but do so in moderation and just make sure that the look remains bright and "high volume".

and i'm sure everyone is smart and can figure out how to make these on their own, but i've made a little mini tutorial and given a few tips to help out.


first pick your fabrics. use at least three for each 3/4 log cabin and up to as many as you want. 3 to 4 seems to be a good number.


you can start by cutting a bunch of strips in various sizes or you can cut as you go. i found that when i cut first i still had to go back to cut a few different widths because i didn't have enough.


start with a "center" block in one color (can be square or rectangular) and begin sewing the sides in another color as you would a regular log cabin. for this quilt i'd like the sides to be generally square, as opposed to wonky, but each side can be a different width.


but instead of sewing a fourth side, stop there!


sew another round as you did before in your third color.


and another in your fourth color if you're doing more than three rounds. keep an eye on the size and make sure the width of the sides you are adding will be enough to bring your block to size, especially on the last round. you'll notice that the top strip (the roof) needs to be wider because there's only one, as opposed to two sides (the walls).


then just trim your block to 12.5" square and you're done! if you're making a block made up of smaller cabins, then put them all together and trim to size.

easy peasy lemon squeezy. seriously, these blocks are very easy to make and go quickly.

3/4 log cabin sketch

this is the general look in quick sketch form that i'm going for. in my own biased opinion, i think this quilt will be very pretty! let me know if you have any questions.


  1. LOVE this idea. The mix of sizes and the brights are going to make an amazing quilt. I want to play too. Great idea!

  2. Damn you woman. I thought I'd be such a good wee sewist and get at my WIP's as the summer gets under way. But nooooo you had to go and present this unbelievable piece of awesomeness and I'mma gonna have to go sideways again. It is such a fun pattern. Next out? Crayons and graph paper......if I can find them under all my WIP's piled sky high. Damn you woman. :)))))) Happy Canada Day. Ribs on the barbecue, fruit salad waiting to be made and a pyramid of Timbits to be my daughter's birthday cake (family tradition eh)

  3. I love your color choices it will be such a fun quilt!

  4. Oh, wow! This is where I get to brag about how lucky I am to be one of those who "has" to make some of these blocks. What a great vision, Ara Jane. I like the marriage of the bright colors and improv piecing as far as the widths. This one's going to have lots of character!

  5. I am totally in love with this quilt plan! You always come up with the best ideas. I know this is true because as soon as I read your plans for the bee I am dying to get to my sewing machine to begin working on my blocks! The sketch is such a good little preview of what is to come, I can't wait to see these blocks and this quilt!

  6. this is going to be so so pretty! Love it!

  7. Just gorgeous!! This is going to be one bright and beautiful quilt!

  8. Gosh, I love everything you do!

  9. This is very distracting to my otherwise full sewing schedule. I like it a lot and could see myself making something from it. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing a final product.

  10. I really can't wait to make these! I'm hoping to get them done today! How are you feeling? I miss you, friend!

  11. I heart them, but I love everything you make!

  12. I'm in love! Literally! Tons of instant inspiration!