Monday, August 12, 2013

… a flock of flying geese

flying geese front

last february* [ahem] was my last turn to quilt for the love circle of do. good stitches. i picked a flying geese-themed quilt in the colors navy blue, dusty pink, and teal/aqua, all set on a background of low volume grey/white/black fabrics. the ladies in my circle did a wonderful job of sending me a variety of geese, and i had the job of piecing the puzzle together.

flying geese back

the funny thing is, i wasn't so good at following my own directions, and i cut out the fabric for all my blocks before i realized that i accidentally cut the darker fabric for the background and the low volume fabric for the geese (i blame my first trimester and that pesky baby brain). ugh. but rather than recut it all, i decided to use my own geese on the back, which turned out to be a good thing. those rows of geese are nestled in a lovely aqua flannel that makes this quilt extra cozy and sweet.

flying geese quilting detail

for the quilting i picked one goose (from one of natalie's fabulous blocks), quilted around the border of the triangle, and spiraled out from there to make concentric triangles radiating out to the edges. the quilting is about 1/2" apart, and i simply used the edge of my walking foot as the guide, rather than draw out the quilting beforehand. unfortunately, the quilting kind of got away from me, as you can start to see at the edges of this photo. in retrospect, what happened was i was turning corners too soon so my straight lines started to become curved, and that became even more exaggerated the further out i got. and once i discovered my error, i was too lazy to go back and fix it. if there's one thing i hate, it's unpicking my quilting. and i honestly don't think it looks terrible. so there.

flying geese front

in the end, i really like the overall effect of the quilt. i think the soft colors play very well together, and even though i was "mocking" the low-volume trend in my last post, i think it's a great way to add dimension to a quilt background/sashing. i hope this quilt finds a happy home with a deserving child via wrap them in love.

*i just want it noted that i actually managed to finish this quilt on june 30th, the night before i assigned my next quilt for the circle in july. so though it may have taken me a while to finish it, photograph it, and blog about it, i was not as egregiously late as it seems.