Wednesday, September 11, 2013

… so much sewing

i really have been quite busy lately. i'm now 32 weeks pregnant and the part of my body that needs me to be ready for this baby is seriously screaming at me to BE READY FOR THIS BABY. i'm making lists, crossing things off, and trying to prioritize projects. i'm not going to lie, i'm also super overwhelmed. i'm starting to realize that not everything is going to get done. i'm half panicky about that and half totally at peace with it.

so, here's an onslaught of what i've been working on for the past few months, starting with a backlog of do. good stitches love circle blocks i never shared here.

HST/log cabin blocks for do. good stitches

march blocks for natalie. she wrote a nifty tutorial for these half-square triangle log cabin blocks on her blog, and you can also see the finished quilt here. such a great quilt.

two log cabin quilt-as-you-go blocks for rachel for the April do. good stitches quilt.

april blocks for rachel, who also created a tutorial for quilt-as-you-go log cabin blocks that she turned into this lovely quilt.

do.good stitches wonky stars

and some wonky stars in purple and yellow for the lovely miss jacey's may quilt. that one on the left turned out enormous and is maybe is a little bonkers, but oh well.

goose creek blocks for deborah

june goose creek blocks for deborah. her color palette was inspired by the class board game sorry, which is just so cool.


july was my turn to quilt and i had everyone send high-volume blocks using my 3/4 log cabin tutorial. believe it or not, i finished that quilt a couple of weeks ago, and i'll show some more pictures of it on the blog soon. woot!

house blocks

house blocks for natalie's august quilt. she asked for any size and any kind of house and tree blocks so i sent her one paper-pieced greenhouse using a pattern i bought from during quiet time on etsy and one improv-pieced block, that, to be honest, now that i look at it probably has a little too much white going on, since the block is so huge. again, oh well. but i do love that greenhouse!

go anywhere stripe block

and today i just finished my september block for rachel. she created an amazing tutorial for foundation piecing these go anywhere stripe blocks that got me so excited i made my block super early (for me). i seriously love this block so much i was thinking about turning a couple into pillows. wouldn't that be lovely? i'm really looking forward to seeing how this quilt turns out.

but wait, there's more!

Finished tote bag and @noodlehead531 open-wide zipper pouch for the #mqgmeetuppdx swap this weekend. Dang, that railroad denim is hard to photograph-- those small stripes just look like op art. But it's a seriously lovely fabric in real life. For the stra

i made this tote bag and zipper pouch for a swap for the pacific northwest modern quilt guild meetup in portland last month. we all got a half yard of robert kaufman fabric to incorporate into our bags, and i used a railroad denim that was super lovely. this swap was so fun (as was the meetup itself) and i should totally show you the amazing bag i got in return.


and this month we did a pot holder swap within the seattle modern quilt guild. i used the pattern in zakka style and a bit of improv patchwork i initially created in a color workshop i took with bill kerr recently to make this pair. despite these colors not being totally my thing, i really like how they turned out.

bassinet pad

bassinet pad

and, lastly, i finally got around to making a new basinet pad for our moses basket, since this is where the huckleberry will be sleeping at first. it looks much like the one i made for ingrid two years ago, but that one felt really thin and shrunk after i washed it (even though i used prewashed fabric) so i felt a new one was in order. i used some more of my precious anna maria horner folksy flannels again, but this time used five layers (five layers!) of batting to make it extra cushy and put some binding around the edges. i'm not going to lie, trying to quilt through five layers of batting plus flannel was a huge bummer and my thread kept breaking, so the quilting isn't terrific. but you get the idea. at least it's soft and reversible, and i like that one side is calm and serene and the other is a bit crazy. we'll see which one the baby prefers.

i'm so glad i got that out of the way since, as of today, this new baby has no room, no crib, no dresser for her clothes, no nothin'. please don't come early, little huckleberry, okay? i still have way too much to do!

wish me luck.