Tuesday, January 14, 2014

... my little huckleberry


oh yeah, so i guess i should mention that i had a baby a couple of months ago, huh?


this is solveig hilda. she was born november 8th after half a day of labor (shorter than my labor with ingrid, but much more intense) and only a few minutes of pushing. it was crazy and scary for a few minutes (cord around her neck, dropping heart rate, fluid not fully cleared from her lungs) but all turned out well and i am still a huge fan of the epidural (for both my girls it seemed to help me relax enough to let labor, that had been slowing down, speed up and progress). she was just over 9 pounds, which i know is huge, but after 9-1/2 pound ingrid seems quite normal to me.

Baby smiles! It feels like everyone grew up a little while I was away. #dailysolveig

she is a delight most of the time, a little dictator the rest of the time. you know, constantly needing attention and food and cuddles, as infants do. but she is sleeping relatively well at the moment and laughs and coos enough to be charming and obviously i love her to pieces.


having two kids is quite different than having one. i look back at my life with just ingrid and think about it much as i did when i looked back on my life without children when i only had ingrid. that is, i wonder, "what did i do with all the precious free time i had? i must have been squandering it and not appreciating it at all!" because i have so little time right now for much of anything, even though both of us are at home and ingrid goes to preschool in the mornings four days a week. i am finally out of that period of the baby-fog enough that i really want to get things done (namely: sewing) but i don't have enough time or free hands to do it. i'm sure things will change soon and i am trying to appreciate these quiet, uncomplicated days, but i really do miss just doing things.


ingrid is doing pretty well and, i think, might actually enjoy having a little sister. things were weird at first (mostly that she wasn't interested in me right after solveig was born) but now she's happy and likes to talk about the things she'll show solveig when she's bigger.

so, for now, you can look at pictures of our little solveig. she's quite the charmer. (that beautiful vintage sheet quilt below was made for solveig by the amazing emily. i am continually flabbergasted by the kindness of internet friends.)

Get out of town @emmmylizzzy! I can't believe you made this for #dailysolveig! What a sweet, generous, beautiful surprise. (And the book for Ingrid is perfect, as is your insanely cute wrapping paper.) Thank you thank you thank you!

(and the next quilt for solveig was made by my seattle mqg friends! seriously, isn't the quilting community the best?) You guys! I love Solveig's quilt so much. Thank you so much to my #seattlemqg peeps @sewkatiedid @seasona @samilou01 and others I'm not sure of in my babybrain state. Who else helped? Please let me know! #dailysolveig

and i am trying to keep up with another weekly photo project (this time with plants rather than fabric), but i'll put those up here later (you can check out the flickr set in the meantime, that is, if you have patience for the new, slower, uglier flickr... ugh).


  1. Oh, she is so beautiful!!! And how happy does Ingrid look! Congratulations on welcoming little Solveig to your family.
    E xx

  2. She's beautiful. All my girls were huge (the little one was 9-13) but I loved them that way. Her quilts are beautiful too. Congratulations.

  3. Congratulations! She is beautiful. I love the photo of her smiling. My biggest baby was 9lb 5 so I know what you mean. She'll settle into a nap pattern soon and you'll be able to get something done in those quiet times.

  4. Both your daughters are beautiful! Lovely quilts under baby too

  5. Ingrid is one tough act to follow, but Solveig looks like she has what it takes =) I know what you mean about wondering what you did with all your time when you only had ONE. I went through the same epiphany when I had my 2nd. But, when they grow up and play together 1. you'll be so happy to see it! and 2. you'll have more time because they're together!

  6. You are amazing. And so are your babies. I hope you find some balance in your new routine.

  7. Sweet! What a lovely dollies you have. I am a big fan of epidurals too. Big fan...

    Anyways, yes, I remember those days of 1 baby. So easy. I will say I think have 2 littles ones was the roughest. Hang in there!

  8. Lovely girls! What did you do with your time? Beautiful quilts! I did not quilt when I had my first one so I have really no idea what I did and nothing to show for it :) Hang in there, like Rachel said one day they will be playing together and you will have more time.

  9. Your sweet girls are just beautiful. Heading into giving birth to my third I am freaking out a little as my last one (15 years ago) was 10 pounds 8 oz. I am hoping this little Miss is much smaller!!

  10. You will figure out the balance of both of them! They are such beautiful girls. I love having my two girls and how they play together all the time now. It's awesome!

  11. Hello, I'm popping in after seeing your blog on Sew Mama Sew. Thanks for sharing your vision here. I enjoyed looking at your FOs on ravelry as well. Turns out, we have similar tastes in knits too. I wish you all the best as your family grows.

  12. Beautiful pics! I have two daughters as well and love their relationship!

  13. congratulations on your new baby! the picture of both your daughters together is SO CUTE and that orange sweater is adorable too!

  14. Oh my goodness CONGRATULATIONS. Solveig and Igrid … I sense a Scandinavian heritage. They are both gorgeous! You are blessed.

    Philippa xxx

  15. What a fun blog you have here - the name of it in her sidebar caught my attention as I was reading Bijou Lovely's post regarding CreativeBug. Beautiful quilts your bloggy friends sent your adorable little girl! Looking forward to "following" you now!